Sunday February 21st, 2021

Welcome to our service today. It is great to have you here and we would love to invite you to stay after the service and join us for tea and coffee.

At the Alabaster Camp I was on last weekend the only time the girls were fully engaged and quiet was during the teaching sessions when we were reading and studying the Bible together. 

When asked about the power of the Bible, Martin Luther stated “When God speaks a word, the thing that the word expresses immediately leaps to life.” We see it in God’s “sustaining all things by His powerful word” (Heb 1:3) Only God’s word has the resurrection power to bring all who are dead in their sins to life.

Have you heard God speaking to your heart through His Word? If you have known God awhile, think about times when you read or heard God’s Word and it sparked a change in you. Think about how God’s Word produces beauty and life and blessing. Read God’s Word, share it, study it, and ask Him to plant it in your heart.

God spoke, and our world came into being. God still speaks through Scripture today, bringing us new life in Him for His glory and for us to serve Him in the world. 

With love & blessings, Sandra

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