Sunday December 23rd, 2018

Every Christmas we sing the well known carol ‘Joy to the World’. As I was humming this carol the other day the line ‘let every heart, prepare Him room’ struck me. It’s hard to believe that there was no room in the inn for the Son of God. Imagine turning up to hospital to give birth and being told there was no room and to go and find somewhere else. There would be an outcry! Yet, when our Saviour was about to appear the world hung out a “no vacancy” sign, refusing to welcome Him.

Often in the Christmas season I hear people saying things such as ‘I just wish Christmas was over’ and ‘I can’t stand this time of year’. And I wonder, have we really made room in our hearts for Him? Many things make Christmas a difficult time of year for many people – busyness, anger, bitterness, disappointment, pain, sorrow, doubt and even unbelief. And these are real feelings. But these things left undealt with can mean that there is no room in our hearts for Jesus.

Maybe it’s time to serve some eviction notices to the things in our hearts that are pushing Jesus out of the way – maybe it’s time for some of us to prepare our hearts for Him. We need the Lord to fill not only a room in our heart, but the whole thing.
When Jesus fills our heart we experience deep peace, hope, joy and a love that knows no bounds.

May you truly have a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year.

With love & blessings,



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