May 28th, 2023

Welcome to our service today. It is great to have you here and we would love to invite you to stay after the service and join us for tea and coffee.

When I read again the story of Abraham and Isaac, I can’t help but wonder what was going through both of their minds. Surely Abraham’s heart was broken for what he thought he was about to do in sacrificing his son. And Isaac at such a young age must have wondered what on earth his father was doing to him. 

But as we know, God did not want Isaac to die, but He wanted Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in his heart so it would be clear that Abraham loved God more than He loved his promised and long-awaited son. God was testing Abraham. The purpose of testing is to strengthen our character and deepen our commitment to God and His perfect timing. Through this difficult experience, Abraham strengthened his commitment to obey God and also learned about God’s ability to provide. How do we respond in times of testing? Do we throw our toys out of the cot and moan and groan about our circumstances? Or do we turn to the One who made us, never leaves us and that we can trust one hundred percent to walk with us through the fire?



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