Sunday August 21st, 2022

In 1 John 4 we read that “God is love”. What we don’t read is that “love is God”. Our world, with its shallow and selfish view of love, has turned these words around and contaminated our understanding of love. This was also pointed out in the movie “Enemies within the Church” that some watched last Sunday evening.
The world thinks that love is what makes a person feel good and that it is all right to sacrifice moral principles and others’ rights in order to obtain such “love.” But that isn’t real love – it is the exact opposite – selfishness. And God is not that kind of “love”. Real love is like God, who is holy, just and perfect. If we truly know God, we will love as He does.
For those of you who were not able to view the movie on Sunday night, we will be showing it again on Sunday September 18th at 6pm in the church. We encourage you to come and watch this and invite any friends or family that would find this helpful.



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