Sunday May 8th, 2022

Welcome to our service today. It is great to have you here and we would love to invite you to stay after the service and join us for tea and coffee.

This week I had someone say to me that they were apprehensive about a way forward with a family relationship. Two people who were close to them had grown further apart due to some actions taken by one party which had caused an existing divide to grow even further. As I considered my response I realised there was only one answer. 

I replied that even though it was our human tendency to try and step in and ‘help’ solve the problem, that the best way was to bathe it in prayer and not to worry, for each day has enough troubles of its own (I do listen to the Pastors sermons!). The people involved would need to take responsibility to deal with the divide and it wasn’t her responsibility. She just needed to hand it over to the Lord and keep being the person God has made her to be. 

The first response is and HAS to be prayer. God is interested in every detail of our lives. Sometimes I forget that…..but more and more I am learning that His way is and always will be the best and only way to finding the solution in any problem. 

With love & blessings,


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