Sunday April 3rd, 2022

Welcome to our service today. It is great to have you here and we would love to invite you to stay after the service and join us for tea and coffee.

I love the book of Psalms. I think for most Christians it is the first book they turn to when they want to read a passage of praise to God. 

Most of the psalms are prayers, and most of the prayers include praise to God. Praise expresses many things – admiration, appreciation, gratefulness and thanks. Praise in the book of Psalms is often directed to God, and just as often the praise is shared with others. When we consider all that God has done and does for us, what could be more natural than outbursts of heartfelt praise!

The praise given to God in the Psalms is not only for what He does – His creation, His blessings, His forgiveness – but also for who He is – loving, just, faithful, forgiving and patient. There are also times when the praise of God is shared with others and they too are encouraged to praise Him. So let’s be encouraged to praise God everyday – He is found in the minutiae of life and in the impossible (to us!) of life. He is Almighty and He loves us. 

With love & blessings,


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