Sunday December 12th, 2021

Welcome everyone. I read this poem this week – maybe you know someone you can share it with….

God of perfect timing, Word of wisdom rare, 

Eternal God, incredible to see you sleeping there. 
How can it be, dear Lord of life, You came to tell us all, 

Our only hope of Heaven lay within that cattle stall.

Many ways to Jesus, seekers take to find, 

Many people looking for a Saviour for mankind. 
Many different wonderings, for many want to know, 

Just who was born at Bethlehem a long time ago.

Was He just a good man, a teacher kind and true? 

Or was it God who came to earth to save a chosen few? 
Was it all a story, improbable and wild, 

Or God that day, in bed of hay, a tiny human child?

What do I know of Jesus and His changing, saving grace? 

What difference is there in my life, has Christmas taken place?
How dare I live a selfish life when God gave His for me, 

The choice is mine, and now’s the time to let Him set me free!

So Christmas now this season could be a different thing, 

This year I could accept Him, and hear the angels sing. 
So as I  bow, right here, right now, and call upon His name, 

My world, because of Christmas, will never be the same. (Jill Briscoe © 2011)

With love & blessings, Sandra

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